Community Engagement - Kamberra on Federal
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community engagement

The Elvin Group is committed to engaging with the local community.

An extensive community consultation including three public meetings was conducted in October and November of 2015.  Key themes from this consultation process, including feedback about neighbour impact, traffic and car parking, infrastructure and community facilities, design and landscape and commercial viability, will be incorporated into the Planning Study being prepared to inform the rezoning process.

 Further consultation is anticipated late 2016 to bring the community up to date with project progress and to seek input and further feedback on the Kamberra on Federal design concepts and ideas.

We understand that Kamberra on Federal is a significant development in the area and will bring change.  With community input we foresee that it will be change that brings more vitality and amenity to the local community that surrounds the important Flemington Road and Northbourne Avenue link and gateway to Canberra.

  • Community Meeting 1

  • Wednesday 28 OCT 2015
    • 5:30pm – 7:30pm

    • Federation Room, Kamberra Function Centre

    • Cnr Flemington Rd and Northbourne Av, Lyneham

  • Community Meeting 2

  • Tuesday 10 NOV 2015
    • 5:30pm – 7:30pm

    • Federation Room, Kamberra Function Centre

    • Cnr Flemington Rd and Northbourne Av, Lyneham

  • Community Meeting 3

  • Wednesday 25 NOV 2015
    • 5:30pm – 7:30pm

    • Federation Room, Kamberra Function Centre

    • Cnr Flemington Rd and Northbourne Av, Lyneham


ongoing engagement

The Elvin Group invites you to a series of meetings that start an ongoing engagement with the community as the Kamberra on Federal development progresses.

The meetings will be a mix of information and engagement with the project team who will be your neighbours for several years to come.

To register for meetings or for more information please contact Tania Parkes at or on 1800 172 173 (free call, mobile charges may apply).

Date Session Time
16/11/2016 Information session 6.00-7.00pm Completed
17/11/2016 Workshop collaboration 6.00-7.00pm Completed
22/11/2016 Consultation 5.30-7.30pm Completed
22/12/2016 Lecture and Christmas drinks 6.00-7.30pm
22/02/2017 Lecture and project update 6.00-7.00pm

…more 2017 dates to come…

what’s been happening?

16 November 2016 – Information Session

We provided an update since the 2015 consultations:

  • Approval of Amendment 86 of the National Capital Plan
  • Progress of the ACT Government’s City and Gateway Urban Renewal Strategy
  • Post-election certainty that Canberra Metro light rail will proceed
  • Elvin Group decision to proceed without a joint venture partner
  • Project team work during the intervening year towards submitting a Territory Plan variation
  • Passing away of our architect Alastair Swain
  • Master Plan revisiting by James Hayter, Landscape Architect and Urban Designer, given better understanding of Northbourne Avenue urban design framework.

We discussed:

  • Aspirations for the +12 hectare site as a mixed use precinct exemplar for sustainable living providing homes for a broad ranging demographic from singles and families with children to retirees; community facilities and services building on the existing palliative care centre that will remain on site; and commercial premises that complement existing north Canberra provision with opportunities for new businesses or for existing businesses to expand their offering.
  • Future proofing the site in the context of the ACT’s renewable energy targets, the pace of technological advances, environmental initiatives and social inclusion considering that it will take 10-15 years to fully deliver Kamberra.
  • Height being a facilitator of high quality and resilient open spaces and how high quality urban form drives built form outcomes.

17 November 2016 – Collaborative Workshop

We discussed key issues to future proof Kamberra:

  • Collaborative consumerism – how sharing through technology and design can facilitate community interaction within a building and across a precinct
  • Housing typologies – how providing a range of housing types across generational needs can facilitate families and neighbours to stay connected
  • Sustainability initiatives – reducing the Kamberra carbon footprint in ways beyond construction methods and materials and creating a precinct whose focus is functionally different to other Canberra precinct developments
  • Social and activation plans – engaging meaningfully with the local community’s aspirations for the site e.g. Sullivan’s Creek naturalisation; services for Canberra Metro commuters; creating on site activities now with which the local community and community service providers can engage.

James Hayter’s work suggests that about 65% of the site could be high quality public realm.

We discussed:

  • Height: How such an extent of open space translates into a commercially viable development with height facilitating high quality and resilient public realm.  Also, the benefits of a range of heights and diverse building types across the site versus a lower building form of uniform height and whether there could be a few landmark buildings above the tree line if the majority of buildings were at or below the tree line
    • In this context participants’ feedback was that height in itself is not the issue:  it is how the built form sits within the landscape and not on top of it, honest consideration of over shadowing, site permeability and aesthetics.  Transparency by the developer would be highly valued by the community and the Elvin Group process was welcomed.
  • Zoning: The reason for choosing CZ5 zoning (as a land use policy) is that it encapsulates the opportunities and vision/objectives that the precinct aspires to achieve.  It also sits in a context where commercial uses are the predominant land use along the corridor frontage, there are no other examples of RZ5 zoning introduced in this area and the nuances of zone boundaries and related statutory requirements and controls (e.g. noise control zones) that relate to a CZ/RZ boundary and the surrounding context of Thoroughbred Park and EPIC would detract from the opportunities to achieve the precinct vision and objectives that we subscribe to the proposal.
  • Trees: Kamberra will retain and enhance the tree frontage to Northbourne Avenue consistent with NCA/EPD requirements.  The Kamberra tree frontage was part of a Remembrance Way entrance to Canberra so we want to honour this.  There is also a stand of Pin Oaks that will be retained.  As it is our intention to have a generous public realm many existing trees will be retained.  Some trees will have to be removed over time for the staged construction.  As part of our early activation we are establishing a plant nursery and worm farm to facilitate replanting with plants grown and nurtured on site.
  • Timing: We are currently finalising the master plan to complete the planning study to seek a Territory Plan variation.  There will be public notification as part of the TPV and once approved, Development Applications for each proposed building will have consultation associated with it.  If all goes well, construction for the first building would commence in late 2017.

22 November 2016 – Community Consultation

Presentation of a draft Master Plan by James Hayter of Oxigen Landscape Architects:

  • Kamberra on Federal is 12.5 hectares, a scale that allows for innovation across a precinct the size of a new suburb with about 2,000 dwellings while still retaining 67% of the site as public realm that will take 10-15 years to deliver. The Elvin Group wants to future proof Kamberra by embracing technology and invention, and by creating a village community that is aware of the footprint it leaves on the world
  • The presentation included the project objectives, benchmarking of the Kamberra site against a range of local, national and international comparator projects, precedent images of positive and negative urban planning and design; elements of quality, public domain and open space; the current Design Principles for Kamberra; Kamberra’s potential sub-precincts

Wrap up of what has occurred since the project was initially presented to the public in 2015, and the next steps:

  • Further consultation on a regular basis and feedback on the project
  • Preparation of an Estate Development Plan that will also determine servicing requirements
  • Pre-Development Application consultation and lodging of the first stage of the DA
  • If all goes well, construction commencement of a first building in late 2017.