Planning - Kamberra on Federal
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The Elvin Group has engaged a multi-disciplined design team to undertake concept design for Kamberra on Federal as a mixed use precinct that contributes beneficially to the northern suburbs of Canberra. We acknowledge the role undertaken by Alastair Swayn who passed away in August 2016 and provided much of the design vision.

Outcomes of recent community engagement undertaken by the National Capital Authority and ACT Government on the Draft National Capital Plan, Northbourne Avenue corridor,  proposed light rail and other northside development proposals have informed the team’s thinking for Kamberra, including

  • high quality design of appropriate building type and scale with trees and landscaping befitting this important gateway to Canberra
  • mixed use development with housing diversity  and density that reflects lifecycle needs and the demographic spread of the current and future northside community
  • the cumulative impact of development and population increase in the area on local amenity, infrastructure, traffic, ‘rat running’ and car parking
  • viability of existing shopping centres if commercial space and like services are provided in the new development in direct competition to the local centre.

The ACT Environment and Planning Directorate has responsibility for planning decisions relating to the site (Block 8 Section 69, Block 18 Section 71 Lyneham).

Most of the site is located within 200 metres of Northbourne Avenue, an approach route to the National Capital.  This part of the site is subject to special requirements under the National Capital Plan and the National Capital Authority may make additional planning controls in the form of a Development Control Plan.

In making planning decisions the Environment and Planning Directorate must ensure that any approvals are consistent with both the Territory Plan and any applicable Development Control Plan.

The current zoning for the site is NUZ1 Broadacre which provides for a predominantly rural landscape setting for a range of uses which require larger sites and/or a location outside urban areas.  It is proposed to alter the current land use zoning to the CZ5 Mixed Use Commercial zone.

Next steps:

  • Further consultation on a regular basis and feedback on the project
  • Preparation of an Estate Development Plan that will also determine servicing requirements
  • Pre-Development Application consultation and lodging of the first stage of the DA
  • If all goes well, construction commencement of a first building in late 2017.